Good bloggers try.

I love the web. There’s always someone that already written a post about what you are looking for. Exactly like this:

What Makes for a Good Blog? | 43 Folders

I found the link on the How To page of 43 Folders. Have a look on how he has set-up that page. Thought I don’t recommend the used word, I think he did a nice job making a more dynamic approach. 😉 Merlin (the author) has wrote 9 tips for making a good blog. Go ahead and read them, but this this post will only concentrate on the last tip plus the note at the of his post. (Tip #8 is also interesting.)

 9. Good blogs know when to break their own rules.

Blogging is a creative process. There is no rules that can control how someone writes and there is no rules that a blogger must follow. Referring to number eight on his list: good blog(ger)s try. As for the end note.

And, yeah, you should disagree with potentially all of this. It’s because I have an opinion, and so do you. It’s why you probably have a blog. See? The system works.

Blogs are about opinions. If I want to write 100% objective sentences and share none of my experience, then I would write a university textbook. This is not the case. This blog will contain errors, wrongly formed sentences, Yoda-style speaking and my writings.



To Post or Not To Post…

… that is maybe the question.

Blogging is something I’m not used to. I am a member of many forums and have no problem at all writing and sharing my opinion. However, it just feels like a blog is completely different. I do not think I am missing creativity or content to share on. My main problem is doubt. I’ll explain my current blogging process, how it works in my brain.

  1. During the day, I get plenty of ideas on what to blog. What I want to blog on is mostly on work I am doing during my day. For example, lets take yesterday. I was testing some 3D rendering software, so I could render a better LEGO brick for the background on my blog. (By the suggestion of a fellow blogger. 😉 )
  2. Then, I wanted to blog about that, share what I had learned and finally my personal best choice for rendering. Writing a tutorial would have also been nice.
  3. Doubt! Now is the problem. Should I really post about that? Will it be useful? Will it be too personal? This will be available to the entire web!
  4. Finally, no more post! I am too uncertain if it is a good act to do or not.

In short, I am not confident when I’m blogging. I want to respect my blog topics and share only what is useful. However, it is a blog! It has to be a minimum personal. So, should I post about anything, anytime? Or, should I prepare every blog post and keep them useful and short?

I will stop here for now. Share your thoughts, as usual.


Well, this is it…

Hey all,

Seems like my blog is online now. I never thought this would finally be possible. I just have to post now… Hopefully I will post a lot! Lets still be rational, there will probably be a lot of high and down. At least, I know I have one (probably two) reader(s). 😉

On the other hand, I still be be working on updating my blog, mainly the theme and the pages. (I did a quick About page.)

Best regards,



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